chicago wedding photographer wedding tipsMy name is Steve. I’m a Chicago photographer, cinematographer, video editor, audio engineer, YouTube partner, stop motion animator, writer and musician. I’ve been a Chicago wedding photographer and videographer since 2002, as owner of SAR studios. I am no longer advertising as a wedding vendor, choosing to photograph events via word of mouth. The photo and video industry has been oversaturated by people who think they know how to photograph and charge lots of money for it. They give real artists a bad name and I chose not to be part of that craziness. I photograph mainly for myself now, spending most of my time writing and filming for my YouTube channels and the occasional wedding. This wedding planning site offers my insight and knowledge on weddings and wedding planning, from all the events I’ve been a part of. I’ll share stories and the rock bottom truth of how things are in the wedding industry. If you have any questions, ask away. I’m honest and tell it like it is.

Check out my blog on this site, which aids in your wedding planning and my general thoughts on the ceremony, reception and the wedding day in general.

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