How to plan your own wedding


Congratulations! The man you have always wanted to spend the rest of your life with just went down on one knee to pop the big question and you are basking in euphoria. Your big day is a few months away, and you want to handle things by yourself because you can never trust someone to oversee things the way you would or you are trying to cut cost by employing a professional wedding planner. If you are the bride to be, relax! You can handle things yourself and plan your dream wedding just the way you always envisioned it.  No jokes, planning your own wedding can be really overwhelming. Here are some very helpful tips that will ensure the success of your wedding. After the euphoria of being engaged has toned down, you may want to inform your folks and closest friends about the big news. After celebrating with them, you have to get to work on planning your wedding. Since you are the only one planning everything, it’s advisable you start very early. Planning early helps to avoid setbacks associated with last minute plans. Churches and especially reception halls get booked way in advance, as in months, so you need to act fast. These are some helpful tips;

how to plan a wedding on your own in chicago

Talk ideas about your wedding

Drag a seat and rub hearts with your fiancé. Remember, your wedding involves the both of you. Let him know what your ideal wedding will look like and ask him how he would want your wedding to be. This is also very important if you and your man are of different ethnicities. You both need to have a safe landing to avoid the clash of interests. Discuss the type of reception venue you want, the number of guests, the food, the colors, the type of music and also where you will like to say your vows. Just exchange ideas so it can give a picture of what you want to bring to fruition. Don’t bring the financial implications of all these yet.

Mark out your wedding date

Bring out a calendar and highlight the date you will like to have your wedding. This might not be finalized, but it is important you do this so that you know the particular date you have to plan around. Do you want to tie the knot during the winter months? Or you want the brightness of spring to usher you into a new chapter of your life? Circle the date you want and organize things within the planned date.

Wedding To-do list

This is the biggest step.  Get a wedding journal, as it will be very important to write out your to-do list and ask yourself questions to help narrow down your options. Questions like, where do you want to exchange your vows? In front of a clergyman or just a court wedding with a few witnesses? Who are your wedding vendors? What kind of décor do you want? Do you want an elegant ballroom reception décor or an intimate reception with just family members and close friends in attendance? What kind of wedding gown do you want? A mermaid gown or a ball gown? Which brand of wedding gown would you like to wear on your wedding day? Are you buying or renting your wedding dress? Do you want a buffet wedding? A three-course meal? Do you want to employ the services of a make-up artist or you would rather opt for a close friend who can apply lipstick here and dab face powder there? When all this is done with your wedding date set in place, write out a planned budget for each wedding vendor and tailor from there.

how to choose a wedding vendor in chicago

Take action

After writing your wedding to-do list, swing into full force. Get in touch with a videographer and photographer. Get recommendations from friends or family members and pay upfront if possible to secure your date. Contact your caterer and see how you can work around your budget. Have a taste of the meal and peruse the menu to see if you can strike out some extras. Visit the venue with your wedding decorator and let her know how you want the space to be arranged. Have follow up dates with them. When shopping for your wedding gown, remain stoic. Go with your mom, sister or best friend or all three of them so they can decide what fits you better. They have an idea of what suits your personality. It’s advisable to set aside some money for miscellaneous costs like transportation and lunches during the whole wedding planning time.

Avoid impulse buying

Wedding budgets expand bigger than you can ever imagine. Monitor how you spend. Do not be tempted to buy what you do not need. Avoid buying that extra flower that looked ‘bored’ on the shelf where it sat. If you really need something last minute, you can borrow from a loved one or let it go completely if they don’t have. You will do just fine. One thing that saves a lot of money is not including the folded cloth around each chair at the reception. Although the colored cloth – draped chairs look beautiful, they charge a lot per chair. You don’t need them.

Thanks for reading this post and have fun planning your wedding. Subscribe to our blog for more wedding planning tips.


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