How to choose a good wedding planner


So, your prince charming just proposed with your dream ring and you are giddy with happiness. You are getting hitched a few months from now, and you need to start sorting things out for your wedding. You have busy schedules, and you are not very good at planning events. You want the day you tie the knot with your better half to be remarkable, but you are at a loss for what to do. Your best bet is to hire a wedding planner. A wedding planner is a professional who structures, coordinates and manages the wedding of his or her client. Professional wedding planners give the ‘Midas touch’ to your event. Want a hassle- free wedding and a wedding planner that will make your dreams come true? Here are some tips to consider when picking one.

how to choose a good wedding planner


When it comes to picking a Wedding Planner, nothing beats asking your married friends about who oversaw their wedding planning. Good old word of mouth is one of the best ways to getting a wedding planner because it is based on recommendations from friends or family members on whom they have tried and trusted. Also, you can visit some public fora like Pinterest, Reddit or Instagram to go through customers’ testimonials or honest reviews from those who have patronized the services of the wedding planner. You can get their honest opinions and ask them to send you their photos of the wedding planner’s work. Remember, wedding planners always put up their best jobs on the internet. This is a very good start as it will help you track how consistent the planner is.

Check the wedding planner’s portfolio

In this jet age, wedding planners have upgraded their skill set. Many wedding planners have websites for their businesses. Kindly visit their website and peruse the planner’s portfolio. Check out the pictures of previous jobs to have a feel of the planners’ style of designing. What do you think about the color coordination? Décor? Lightning? Does the wedding planner have a signature design that stands out and you love? Do you desire small and calm wedding as opposed to the planner’s extravagant ones? If yes, this wedding planner may not be who you are looking for. If you like the ambience of the wedding planner’s works, you can throw in the towel. If you have a fantasy on how you would like your dream wedding to look like, you can give a vivid description of it to the wedding planner.

how to find a good wedding planner in chicago

Have a meet

Now you have already gotten a referral from Instagram or your bestie and you have sent a mail to the recommended wedding planner, and you have gotten a reply. What is your next line of action? Have a date! Ask for a meet up with your prospective event planner so you can assess the person on a personal scale. You should have a concise list that has details of the scheduled date of your wedding, the number of guests you are inviting and the total cost you have in mind. At the meeting, lay out your terms and see if the planner can work around what you have on your wish list. Tell the planner about your likes and dislikes and some other things he/she should know about you to avoid a clash of interest. Questions like “How long will it take you to execute your plans? How can I be of help to ensure that everything runs smoothly? What is your flat rate? ,” should pop up. It is always advisable not to go with the cheapest option because it is not always worth it.
Try to see how compatible you are with your planner. You must be very comfortable and feel relaxed around the individual that is going to manage your big day. It is imperative. Ask light questions like why and when they delved into wedding planning. Try to get them to tell you about the highest and lowest points in their career. You should have an idea of their experience in wedding planning. Experienced wedding planners always deliver top-notch services.
Ask for a vendor list from the planner. A professional wedding planner always works with trustworthy caterers, florists, decorators, and photographers. Check in with the vendors recommended by the planner and do a background check on them to see if their customers were impressed with their services. After this meeting, you should be able to decide if you click or not. This is the person you will spend the next few months of your life communicating with every day.

Follow your instincts

If after meeting a professional planner that ticks all your boxes, you still feel something in your gut, like something doesn’t add up. It’s best to halt. Seek out another planner; it is better to start from the scratch than to have a disastrous wedding.

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